BIQ-BYWORD press is committed to publishing scientific and engineering books in various languages, and can publish the latest research, cutting-edge science, experimental reports, and reviews.

BIQ-BYWORD press is currently focusing on the following areas of development: Biology Engineering Management Science Law Recently, and it has launched a project focusing on book publishing.

The project is designed to publish the latest research results, such as natural sciences, engineering, management science and law, as well as doctoral research worldwide. The publishing language covers Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and other languages, while the name, abstract and cover text information of the book is limited to English, and all chapters must use the English title. All books published by the BIQ-BYWORD press can be approved for an ISBN issue and will be added to the international platform for sale and sharing.

Supporting plan

  • BIQ-BYWORD press Ph.D. Research Support Program: The publishing press provides doctoral candidates to support the real-time publication of research results and enhance their academic influence in the subject area. Those who wish to work on doctoral research can benefit from it, and the publisher will be willing to publish the work for you free of charge. Your focus is on academic research, and the focus of the publisher is to complete the publication and dissemination of academic works. PhD candidates from all over the world can submit applications to the publisher’s publishing program, which will enable your academic work to be published as soon as possible.

    The content of your research work is very complicated and full of your sincere efforts.BIQ-BYWORD press is dedicated to promoting your philosophy and your other research achievements in science. If you are interested in this application, please feel free to contact us by email:

    BIQ-BYWORD press’s Writing Support Program: The publishing press advocates a writing support program to help authors complete manuscripts as quickly as possible with the collaborative efforts of international collaborators. The plan consists of four main steps:

    1. The author drafts a writing plan;

    2. The publishing press delegates editors to assist in the writing plan;

    3. The publisher assists in contacting the author;

    4. Author proof confirmation and publication confirmation.

  • If you are interested in this program, you are welcome to contact us by email:

    BIQ-BYWORD press Translation Support Program: If you are a non-English speaking researcher, as long as your research work is of good quality; if you wish to translate your work into English and publish it, the publisher will be honored to support you. The cost of translation services provided by the publisher is competitive and will depend on the length of your work. At the same time, the publisher will also provide a quote for the publication of your research work.

    If you have the need for this program, please feel free to contact us by