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Journal of Chinese Architecture and Urbanism

The Journal of Chinese Architecture and Urbanism is an international peer-reviewed academic journal which publishes original research papers and book reviews. The Journal presents new results of research and provides a platform for discussion and debate relating to architectural heritage preservation and cultural sustainability in the Chinese context.

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Journal of Contemporary Educational Research

Journal of Contemporary Educational Research is an international, peer-reviewed and open access journal which is to promote the evaluative, integrative, theoretical and methodological research on contemporary education; shape a novel, broader view of issues in contemporary education; enhance the caliber of humanities...

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Journal of Electronic Research and Application

Journal of Electronic Research and Application is an international, peer-reviewed and open access journal which publishes original articles, reviews, short communications, case studies and letters in the field of electronic research and application.
Topics covered but not limited to Automation,Circuit analysis and application...

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Journal of Architectural Research and Development

Journal of Architectural Research and Development is an international peer-reviewed and open access journal which is devoted to establish a bridge between theory and practice in the fields of architectural and design research, urban planning and built environment research.
Topics covered but not limited to...

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Featured Articles

Role of Hormonal Manipulation in Prostate Cancer Management

Prostate cancer (PCa) treatment has seen several important developments over the last few decades in the form of improved surgical methods and advanced radiotherapy techniques but androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) still remains the cornerstone of medical management of this common male malignancy. The discovery of androgen-dependent nature of PCa about three-quarters of a century ago was a turning point that has since led to the development of various pharmacological agents which rely on the basic principle of hormonal manipulation in the form of ADT to alter disease progression.

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The Global Burden of Lung Cancer: A Review

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related mortality in both men and women, and lung adenocarcinoma accounts for approximately 75-85% of all lung cancers. It is expected to cause 10 million deaths per year worldwide by the year 2030. A large number of lung cancers are associated with cigarette smoke, although other factors such as environmental influences and radon or nutrition may also be involved. Lung adenocarcinoma commonly develops resistance to radiation and chemotherapy, and often presents at stages too late for surgical intervention. The present review discuss about the epidemiology.

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Meaningful Intersections of Social Justice and Contemporary Cultural Competencies in a New Zealand Master’s Level Initial Teacher Education Programme

In New Zealand, it is illegal to discriminate based on a person’s gender, race, ability or sexual orientation; however, this is not always the experience of student teachers. To promote, support and facilitate student teachers learning to be effective classroom practitioners, this paper’s initial teacher education programme was designed to support student...

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A Juvenile Sex Offender with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Background: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder manifesting in early life. These children are more vulnerable to sexual abuse as victims and offenders. This is a case report of a teenager with previously undiagnosed ADHD presenting with an alleged act of sexual offending. Case report: According to the 14-year-old accused, he has engaged in penetrative anal intercourse with another schoolmate. that similar past incidents had involved a teenage male........

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The Systematic Study of the Feasible Photovoltaics in Eastern Kentucky

Photovoltaics (PV-also called solar photovoltaic devices) are used to harness the power of the sun via the electronic process that occurs within semiconductor cells. The solar energy is absorbed by the cells, which causes the electrons to break away from their atoms, allowing them to flow within the material to produce electricity. This electricity will become the renewable energy for Kentucky, as the generation of coal will but come to a stop within the near future. Like Denmark who is running on 100% renewable generation we must stride to become fully operational.....

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Assessing Students’ Attitude and Intention to Use M- learning in Higher Education

Mobile learning (m-learning) is a key solution for education in order to improve the learning effectiveness of students. Increasing mobile penetration in the world, particularly among the young generation urges the investigation of the factors affecting m-learning use in higher education institutions. The primary aim of this paper is to utilize general extended technology acceptance model for e-learning (GETAMEL) developed by Abdullah and Ward (2016) to examine the factors driving the undergraduate students’ attitude and intention to use m-learning in Azerbaijan with ...

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